Holeshot Motorcycles

A Bit About Us

Holeshot motorcycles is a family run business. The start of our business was in Benoni in 1983.

Alex coming from a Motorcycle Background was Kawasaki SA's Technical Manager back in 1980/1982, so if he bleeds its definitely Green.

Although our beginning was small, our dreams were big.

We decided to move to the East Rand Mall area as the development in that area was taking off.

We changed our name to Holeshot Motorcycles, and that was a new beginning.

The name derived from a racing term HOLESHOT meaning "The first out and into the corner is said to get the HOLESHOT". As we were the first to move too this area we definitely found this name to be fitting. 

Our Mission

We strive to serve you, the client with dignity and honesty. Not just as a client bus as Friends, making them feel comfortable to pop in at anytime.

We have found that we are serving 2cnd and 3rd generation clients because their experience as a 50cc Motorcycles is a good one.

Our mission is not only be around for one vehicle, but to be able to serve your next generation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to still be selling bikes as a family run business. Gareth and Warren who are passionate about the business taking it to the next level and beyond.

Some Services we offer

We are a full franchise dealership offering

- Sales

- Service

- Spares 

- Repairs

With a very compeditive Assessories Dept.

We also offer basic bike trsining for total novice client. ( Giving the parents a peace of mind)